Linux, UNIX or Windows Software

Basically, there are three major operating systems the servers of the fabric owner run. The Linux Operating System allows running scripts coded in Perl, PHP, Python and other Unix-based languages. The servers that operate on Linux normally support MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Servers running on UNIX operating systems, such as Solaris and FreeBSD, share the same competence level essentially the ones running on the Linux operating systems. On the other hand, Windows operating system enables running ASP scripts, making use of .NET and other Microsoft technologies. It ditto supports Microsoft’s SQL Server database.

In case your website does not have any scripts, you may pay least attention to the type of operating system being used by the server of your web host. In such cases when scripts do not make a difference, a most of website builders choose a web server, having Linux or UNIX operating system software, as they tend to me less costly than Windows OS software. However, if you whim to make use of scripts or a database for that matter, you would be required to choose the operating system that supports the related technologies and thus, the Windows operating system. If, however, you are still confused about which one to be used, you can anytime contact your hosting provider to help you with making a choice amongst the three types of OS, which best suits, your and your website requirements and give you an excellent output.