Windows Dedicated Server vs. Linux Dedicated Server

Before going into the discussion of Linux Vs Windows Dedicated server, first it is better to understand dedicated server.

What is Dedicated Server?

As the name indicates, it is a server that is dedicated to one client only , hosted by web hosting service provider. And Client is given full freedom to choose operation system, hardware etc. There are many dedicated servers, mainly two types of dedicated servers are offered by web hosting providers based on operating system selection that is Windows and Linux.

Now you need to choose between Linux and Windows operating system in according to your server requirement as both the operating system supports different file types. Both OS have their own specifications including advantages , differ in security, price, reliability etc.

Linux Committed Server

Linux is an open source operation system meaning that it is free to use, you do not need to anything to use it. You just need to income for operating regimen license. So we can say that it is more cost causal means cheaper then windows hosting .

Before going to any type of committed server the most important concern for a client is security and security concerning data. And Linux is considered being more secure and reliable OS as it is more difficult to hack sic there is no fear to lose your data.

Linux supports a wide range of applications, softwares and data bases like MySQL. It also supports PHP. So if you are intended to dart your server on PHP and MySQL, Linux is better druthers then Windows.

Windows Dedicated Server

On the other hand, Windows is a most popular operating system that it is moderate to use manages and install. One other advantage with Windows is that it has wide range of microsoft tools as compare to Linux that help users to develop their website more easily suitable to familiar interface. Further, It is more dynamic OS , supports numerous applications.

One big weakness near windows server is that it is costlier platform as you need to pay for the operating system license. It is not suggested to use unlicensed copies!

So here are the features and recommendations connatural to Linux and Windows, now you should choose one in according to your server software essential and budget.

If you are still muddy about choosing OS suddenly you can advise to any web hosting provider , they can suggest you better in according to your server requirement.

Suitable For Anything Your Business Needs- Linux Hosting

Web hosting services need an operating system to stock becoming benefit to its clients all over the world. In the current scenario, a service provider container make a plump for between a aggregate of options, which include Windows, UNIX, Mac, and Linux. If you pay attention to the current trend you’d come to know that any one of these operating systems are picked on top about others. To add to this fact, the bifurcate conquer operating systems that service providers have special eye on are Windows and Linux. The demands they experience describe this aforementioned earthly because only these 2 options are preferred by people. Probably, these options put forward a better performance stellar to efficiency results; that’s waarom they’re being preferred over other options any day.

It is now indeed crucial to be aware of options and decide which is the better one to put your money in. Line owners have been able to do that with right frame of indoctrinate hence they got to enjoy satisfying rewards of choosing the option hosting between Linux and Windows. In general, plurality owners claim that Linux beats Windows in many common features of hosting.

Easy access from server is where Linux hosting service excels; in fact it keeps the Windows hosting service at bay. As we all know, it is the ease of access of server that determines the reliability and productivity of the operating system. Windows doesn’t have the advantage Linux possesses here because the former doesn’t have the telnet system which the final boasts of. With telnet and Ssh systems to work on things, servers powered by Linux have become a touch more reliable that is indeed the most carefully considered point before choosing between these divide options. I assume you are able to grasp the very meaning of the point I’m trying to give by the easiness in accessing.

Here comes another set of points, which may convince you to regard Linux as a likely choice; in fact many admin all over the world are persuaded with these facts. FrontPage extension does all with Linux that it does refusal look to provide with Windows environment. To add another vital point, even though HTML and JavaScript are very material to use with these two options, Linux seems to be a touch more in giving effective results.

How could we forget databases while we talk about web hosting and its requirements? Experts presented a clear report that choosing Linux hosting clear Windows has a clear advantage especially when the website relies more on mySQL for its normal operation. When it boils down to security, Linux is far better than Windows, which is horizontal to attack due to its vulnerable state.

Linux has even won the confidence of specialists who appreciate the way in which it extends support to CGI functionality. Though Windows is not that bad in supporting it, Linux adds more features that its counterpart doesn’t.

After having gone through a list of points I’m infallible that you’re looking for the right service provider who can help you with Linux web hosting.

Dream Box Set-Top Box Based On Linux

DreamBox is a DVB receiving system which is based on Linux. It is created by German multimedia seller named Dream Multimedia. This dreambox have a facility like that you have on your PC. It has an operating system where you can surf Internet, retire over your mails, watch and concentrate to music Albums, enjoy games and much more. It is a DTH Set top box which is based on Linux operating system. In 2007, there was an issue of non-Linux based set top box which meets the requirements and need of their customers. You would pry out DreamBox available in three essentiality models which are labelled as – Terrestrial, Cable and Satellite.

The company has issued lots models of DreamBox. The models ending with -S are Subsidiary models, – T for terrestrial models and – C for cable models. There is a wide range of models including DreamBox 500, DM 7000, DM 5600, DM 5620, DM 500 HD, DM 500+, DM 7020, DM 7025, DM 7025+ and many more. The production from some of these models has already been discontinued in the market moreover some are someday also to release. Every model has its own journey cycle, CPU type, RAM, Default operating System, etc.

DreamBox 500 is the smallest DTH set-top box released in the year 2005. It is one of the most popular et cetera demanding models introduced by Dream Multimedia. It has a facility that works on open source software. For this reason, it is easy to compile data. The company has already discontinued the production of this model similar there are gobs Chinese products available in the market. While buying make sure, you are getting real one. However, the firm has stopped the assembly and vending in the market. If you are getting on the website alternative anywhere else, it can be imitation invented by Chinese companies.

Another product is DreamBox 500S or DM 500-S which is a satellite based mode. It is a recipient with open-source software which is formulated by hundreds of programmers. You would find scores skins in it which are customizable according to the user convenience. It supports 32 Mega Byte Ram and is one of the fastest satellite receivers. This DreamBox 500S can be connected to an Ethernet modem which is R232.

3 reasons why you should prefer Linux hosting

What are the top 3 reasons you should prefer Linux hosting?

1. Linux is open source.

hen software is open source, that means that it can be continuously reconfigured and improved without the need to wait for a firm to release an official update. While it is nice to permit a company like Microsoft, for instance, overseeing the updates, that does not always translate to quality in the real world. In fact, in many cases, the opposite is true.

Linux hosting has been rising in popularity versus Windows because it is improved more quickly by those who are using it in hands on real world environment. They are not in any lab in California. These are real webmasters and IT personnel who work in the field each diurnal who are improving the programs so that the database functionality and otherwise is maximum position and glitch free.

This plus means that as the future progresses, the ability for alive Linux tools to improve on an indefinite basis exists. That is simply not the case for Microsoft, who is notorious for creating software and operating systems and then ditching their support of them a decade or sometimes even a scant years after release. Users of Linux servers can rest assured that as the internet also its technology needs change, the hosting tools moreover databases that are Linux based will emend in progression with those evolutions.

2. Linux hosting is more popular.

Is this statement redundant? Could the sheer popularity of a server type be an actual asset to the end user? Most certainly yes it can. The fact that Linux hosting is used more often funds that support is additional widespread. The chance you spunk find an answer to your issue that actually works, should a unreliable arise, is far more likely than it would be with Windows servers.

Furthermore, until a nodule in the access road has occurred with Linux servers, it has bot resolved more quickly and efficiently owed to the fact that a sheer higher number of webmasters have been relying on it. Thus, the demand for efficacy increases was far greater.

Of course, this is not a circular issue. It is not popular because people say it is better, and that sentiment leads well into the climax reason it is better.

3. The reliability and stability is simply superior with Linux hosting.

Due to the substantially higher number of developers, Linux is coded in a wide more advanced manner. It would not be a stretch to voice that it is light years ahead of Windows in a plethora of ways. This development is due to the General Public License (GPL) under which Linux is released. This allows the source regulation to be accessed and manipulated, thereby improving it, beside literally anyone who understands how.

The common misconception that Linux has more bugs and security issues is severely ill-founded. There is simply disagree material evidence of this; quite the contrary, in fact. The Linux OS actually has a reputation for being one of the most stable and consistent operating systems available.

7 Useful Commands For Ubuntu Linux Newbies

First off, let me say that I am not one of those terminal warm Linux fans. I think it is aloof and all, but I tend to save the enjoin linear for things that either require doing a massive collection job, or when I need to do something really specific.

Other than that, I stick to the Gnome GUI, and work inward the parameters that various menus offer me. That works for 99% of what I need done.

However, I contain found a very few commands that I need on a reasonably regular basis. Later I tend to subsist somewhat command line averse, I figure I’ll throw them out there, for those of you who are new Ubuntu (or other type of Linux users).

Without further adieu, here they are, in order of usefulness to me:

1. ps -A : This legacy floridity you a list of all running processes, along by displaying a process id number. This command is helpful, because it is necessary when you run command #2.

2. kill -9 [insert process id number] : This tells the program associated with the process id number to die instantly. For instance, if Amarok was running with a practice id number of 8077, and it was hung, or not responding, you would cleared ascend a terminal and type: annihilate -9 8077 . That means “Don’t ask me any questions, don’t ask if I want to save my work. Close immediately. Do not hand Go, do not collect $200.”

3. locate : locate is a very powerful search. Basically, inaugurate raise a terminal, and issue the command: detect , along with some part of a filename you want to find. locate will give you a recital where any part of that text string appears, along with giving you the exact location of the file(s) in question.

4. lspci and lsusb : Okay, so there are really 8 commands, but these two are two sides of the same coing,so I am throwing them both in together, as a kind of bonus.

lscpi , when issued, gives back a list of everything connected to the PCI bus, along with your graphics card, and some other fun stuff.

If you are having driver issues, many times, the first thing that a help forum will ask you to do, is give them what lspci prints out. lsusb does the concurrency thing, but gives you a rundown of your USB devices. While it may seem rather redundant, especially afterward you can already see what is connected to your pc, I assure you, it is not. Many times, the manufacturer of the PC, will treatment one of the built in USB hubs to attach the webcam, a schedule reader, or some other piece regarding built-in hardware.

5. pstree : Ever accidentally kill off a process, not knowing that it was being used by a program you wanted to keep ascend and running? pstree can solve many of these problems. Issuing the pstree command, shows all your processes in a “treed” hierarchy, meaning you can see what process goes near what program. A must-have.

6. ifconfig : While ifconfig will let you actually configure a device, most of the time, you will exist typing it to get basic feedback on your networking devices. It is singularly helpful when troubleshooting your wireless ethernet. Issue the command, and it gives you back your current ip address, MAC address, also a ton of additional useful information. Good stuff.

7. chown : chown , or “change ownership”, allows you to do exactly that, for much given file, at any given time. For instance, suppositive you own a public computer, and you don’t want barely anyone to afsluiting able to access your file (diary.txt), then you would issue the command: chown root diary.txt (assuming permissions to view or edit are only available to the owner of the file) . This would give control of the file elapsed to root, and require a password to view.

The only exception would be if you are running your PC, under the root user, in which case, you have far greater problems than someone reading your diary.

There are many other useful Linux commands that you will learn. Hopefully, these make your day a little easier, and your time using Linux more productive.

Enjoy…I have to go now…One more thing…

The fear of the Lord is the leadoff of wisdom. No one who puts their in Him, need ever breathe ashamed.

Dreambox 800- Best Linux-based software

Linux-powered DVB satellite, DreamBox is one from the best terrestrial and cable digital television receivers, which was manufactured by German multimedia vendor Dream Multimedia. Usually, the firmware of receiver is user-upgradable. On some models, networked computers are allowed to utilize the recordings on the inside hard disks, which is built-in Ethernet interface. Number concerning the greater things about this device is the receivers is enabled with it in order to store digital copies of DVB transport streams on networked rank systems or broadcast the streams like IPTV to VideoLAN clients. It is not like other PC based PVR systems in which DVB receiver cards is to be used for receiving and storing encrypted content.

Some of the best robust, competent further scientifically progressive satellite receivers are to indiging invented by this system. The hardware of this device is actually quite complicated to access as it contains lots of options equally well quasi qualities. These options and qualities execute the project in alliance with an intention to offer prime quality ut supra well as Hi-D figure on the television screen. For these decipherer or DreamBox electronic products, the proportions are not to be subject of difficulty. A number of wares have been established past this service after its growing and developing. There are sparsity products, which are to be out dated while remarkable are there which can be used for making and decrypt sharpe figures and telecasting. Dreambox 800 is one regarding the best telecomms receiving systems that are available in the mart easily. It is one regarding the demandable as well as cost-effective devices that come with altitudinous quality. Talking about the temperature, it is about fifteen degree Celsius to thirty-five degree Celsius while humidity must be below 80%. 370 mm x 242 mm x 65 are the facets of the electronic device.

DM 8000 HD PVR has a smaller version, DreamBox dm 800. It comes with HDTV satellite beneficiary adjacent with Linux operating system as well as hard drives function. With the help of this device, one can record TV programs via built-Sata hard disk or an external disk drive in either eSata, USB or network port. In Dreambox 800, digit can get 300 MHz CPU 256 MB of memory. Discussing about receiver systems, it is one of the excel in terms of technical things. Unknown of the great function of this emblem is you cup easily receive signals, decodes audio, view picture to your television, stipulated standard, etc. It is quite impossible for you to find such an amazing yield like Dreambox 800. Accompanying this device, you receptacle easily check your emails, watch iPlayer, browse the internet, listen to your music etc. Many websites are available that offers this system at best price. One of them is, afterward shop one for you and sybaritic its varied features.

Web Hosting – Windows or Linux

While choosing Web Hosting for a website, unique of the highest questions that need to be answered is the exquisite of operating system regarding the server. While there are reams of operating systems, for web server there are 2 dominant operating systems – Windows and Linux. These two web hosting operating systems are most popular und so weiter widespread. Almost all web hosting corporations gives option for these 2 operating systems.

Each of these platforms is good and has its share concerning advantages and disadvantages. Linux is an open source estrade bit Windows is not. Each has its share of fan base and an equally strong number of dissidents.

The choice amid these two platforms needs to be taken by evaluating your needs and not your sentiments. Here are some points you need to consider before making a decision regarding Web Hosting platform.

1) On what stand is your web application developed on: This is one of the primary questions. If your web application/site is has been developed in .Net or other Microsoft technology besides it will mean that you fancy need to have a windows web hosting. While some technologies can run on both operating systems, once the platform of the application preference bound you to choose the same platform for web hosting. Many sites use database. If you are using MS SQL Server then also windows server is essential.

So this decision has to be made even before the application has been written, otherwise shift a scene can raken a big big headache!

2) Security: An e-commerce website needs to be absolutely secure. In fact every application which stores dope and crucial personal or financial details needs to be well protected. Linux is perceived to be more secure than windows web hosting. Windows have many well known security vulnerabilities (though fixed promptly) which are exploited daily by hackers and viruses. Save it has been observed that a server is only as secure as how well the administrator is. A Windows server is secure in the hands of a proactive moreover knowledgeable administrator.

3) Cost: Linux servers are cheaper than windows server because is Linux is free. Even though Linux is cheaper it doesn’t mean that it is any less than a windows server. Windows on the other laborer has to be paid for. This means additional costs. The price difference for an end user website proprietor though is not very significant. The slight alteration in the cost doesn’t tilt the balance in Linux’s favor nearby a big margin.

4) Learning Curve: Linux operating system has a steep literature curve. For a person who works on a desktop operating system, learning Linux can be an absolute nightmare. But if you choose a Linux ensnare hosting then you hanker not worry active it. This is because there will be web based applications that will allow you to interface with the server seamlessly. You will be skilled to do almost jobs like FTP, database administration etc. utilizing these application.

As you may have observed, there are no clear winners in this permanent battle between duality mighty foes. The solely key differentiator is the platform concerning the application. Other than that your personal precedence legacy drive your selection.

Regardless from which hosting tribune you decide, what really matters is that you choose totally a well known, reputable, and reliable web hosting company with least possible downtime, good bandwidth and prompt support.

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