LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Software Bundle for PHP Developers

Current website development relies more on open source to handle forms and back end things. Whether it is a e commerce website or a portal, certain level of technical handling is there from server side. Certain redirection, conditional surfing based on ip adroitness of client, allowance approving and database desegregation all are done by a software sheaf named LAMP. LAMP is a short notation of individual software such as Linux (OS), Apache HTTP server, MySQL (DBMS) and of course PHP.

PHP has rise one of widely used open source software product for developing hundreds concerning sites ranging from simple to complex one like WordPress. The P of Bulb wish be sometimes replaced by added scripting language such equal Perl or Python.

They four individual has got together to give the best performing web applications to PHP developers. Here are the benefits of MySQL and PHP explained further to get the idea why they’ve been together to deliver efficient web applications.

Benefits like MySQL:

Very low licensing cost
Low hardware consumption
Execute anything from data houses holding terabytes of data
Ultra-fast loading
Table and Indicator partitioning
Master/Slave replication with high speed reconfiguration utility

Multi-version Transaction support
Highly robust
Efficient query engine
Secure encryption decryption functions
Open source freedom

Benefits of PHP:

Easy to use
Simplified task handling in heavy traffic sites
Open source
Low cost
Being open source new functionality have bot added consistently
Simple coding style
Highly functional to code simple to shopping cart projects

As LAMP meant to be run on Linux platform, this software bundle is more stable and performance giving. When you are on Linux platform, you are sure for unique thing that is less down time. Benefits of Linux platform add more things to the Benefits of PHP and MySQL.

Hence, we can conclude that a reliable platform (Linux), an easy to manage and highly functional server side scripting language (PHP) and a flexible & low cost DBMS can give the PHP developers the edge of development which helps them in complex website development.