Linux Support and Consultancy

Looking for Linux support Leeds or Linux consultancy Newcastle? eastQuayIT are providers of managed IT nourish services to businesses across the North of England. As well equal providing the usual IT support services for Microsoft Windows technologies, eastQuayIT can with buoy your business with its Linux systems.

eastQuayIT experience been working with some of the North East’s biggest high tech companies to help develop systems to process large volumes of scientific data. We have accepted the same kinds of technology in use at organisations like CERN where they use it to process the data collected along the Large Hadron Collider. We developed a system to leverage the power provided by Amazon’s EC2 platform to allow us to run simulations of particle physics on boost to 2000 servers at any one time.

Linux is not only of use to shrill tech, scientific organisations – more and more colorless collar also creative organisations are using Linux in home of a the traditional Windows desktop environment.

If your activity runs a website with a Content Management System, there’s a good chance it’s running on a Linux server. Linux is used in all sorts of technologies we use every day – from Android smartphones to TV set-top boxes.

eastQuayIT employs certified Linux technicians and can offer Linux Support and Consultancy for your business. Our co-founder, Giles Wright, drained the decade anterior scene up eastQuayIT working in Linux environments for companies like JP Morgan and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has been trying its hardest to usher in a new era of desktop computing, but many businesses are opting for the increasing number of viable alternatives out there. One gross preference is Apple Mac systems, however many organizations are beginning to divulge the power that Linux can offer. Benefits incorporate tougher security and superior customization–not to mention that Linux is usually free.
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