000-614 is broken eat into 5 sections: Database Design (17%), DataPortioning and Clustering (20%), High Availability &Diagnostics (24%), Performance &Scalability (24%),and AdvancedConcepts (15%).This course will teach you on how to perform database administration. This course will familiarize you with new functions & features in DB20.7 for Linux, UNIX& windows. 000-614 includes creating & indigenous databases & then implementing a logical design to support recovery requirements. In addition, DB2diag.log file message & db2pd commands will be used to direct you towards problem areas. 000-614 will guide you on how to implement automatic archival for database restore. In short,000-614, DB 10.1 ahead DBA for Linux & Windows will provide you with DB2 administration skills for experienced relational Database Administrators (DBA)
Test information:
* Number of questions: 54
* Time allowed in minutes: 90
* Required passing score: 60%
* Test languages: English

The pre-requisite for this course is that you must be familiar with how previous DB2 functions. OR you have to attend just the 2 day transition course( if you are transitioning from DB2 for LUW V9.1 to 9.7). In addition this certification requires 3 tests in general:

1. Any 1 of the following tests:
a. Test 000-610 – DB2 10.1 Fundamentals
b. Test 000-730 – DB2 9 Family Fundamentals
2. Test 000-611 – DB2 10.1 DBA for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
3. Test 000-614 – DB2 10.1 Advanced DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows

In today’s competitive industry, passing 000-614, exam has a lot of benefits as it is capable of session any IT employees’ needs. 000-614, DB 10.1 advanced DBA for Linux & Windows is a high gold content certification exam. In Case you have this certification you are the likely to get an spiral in income or job promotion.
As an individual by taking the test regarding 000-614, he becomes resources of performing advanced tasks such as performance, high availability, security and networking. Thus, having a vast experience like a DBA & advanced knowledge of DB2 10.1.
If you wanting togain a competitive advantage over else employees, it is must that you should go for attaining 000-614, DB 10.1 advanced DBA for Linux & Windows as your salary would be much much higher than your counterparts.