Study Guide for Test 000-109 Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux – v2

IBM Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux program -v2 offers technical support intended for IBM Virtualization engineering. This particular Authorized Methods Skilled offers techie abilities to intrinsic as well as outdoor customers in the design, execution and also control associated with virtualized setting. Your profitable customer can prepare a new virtualized ambiance right from the start degrees as a result of established and also on-going support, and may hap to a decision which in turn virtualization engineering is suitable into a provided cure. This particular man or women have practical knowledge in several execution, migration, and also freedom projects. He or she can come to a decision which in turn setting tend to be suitable to provided features and also are sensitive to request qualifications features in connection with a new virtualized ambiance.
Advised Expertise
* 12-18 months getting ready, developing, utilizing, supporting, and also issue dealing with options which in turn make full use of IBM virtualization engineering.
* Strong expertise while using the full complement associated for PowerVM capabilities in any respect Variety degrees.
* Experience managing and also offering virtualized setting on IBM Electric power Methods serves, particularly POWER7-based engineering.
* Understands SAN ideas on a professional period and may connect hard drive features effectively.
* Has great Ethernet doing the job expertise and also appreciates Wonderful Expedience ideas.
* Completion associated plus advised training.
* Earn precondition Technique Operations (test #104)
* Achieving the business enterprise Tech support team qualifications will be highly advised.
Test 000-109: Virtualization Tech support team projected for AIX and also Linux plan – v2 – Exam Objectives

Setting up (36%)
A. Determine following press Specifications besides when various public press concepts apply
B. Determine processer and storage requirements
C. Determine storage area space Specifications such as when to use available technological innovation.
D. Understand program and components redundancy concepts such as disk generate widespread press, VIO issues, further when every is appropriate.
E. Size a solution to returning up required functions
F. Use available resources
G. Determine back-up and restore requirements
Implementation (34%)
A. Define groups such as LPARs, WPARS, VIO Hosts, and VIO Clients
B. Allocate resources to VIO Clients
C. Configure HMC besides IVM
D. Configure storage area region
E. Configure networking
F. Install VIO Hosts
G. Install VIO Clients
H. Install and set up PowerVM components
Ongoing Assistance (29%)
A. Perform VIO returning ups and restores
B. Modify virtualized resources for VIO clients
C. Perform DLPAR operations
D. Migrate a program to more example of AIX or Linux
E. Migrate a partition to fresh server
F. Analyze problems and take take actions
G. Upgrade VIO / IVM Server
Generally IBM associates who are engaged in earnings, developing and implementing the energy techniques become certified for specific expert qualifications. One flier down, same course is offered for Outline professionals with AIX & a Linux system UNIX admixture including management. Program professionals looking for this rate should have three years of experience in technological support team, virtualization technological support team and day to day intendance actions. Based on their verticals they can choose to comparative qualifications in the eureka developing level.