Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX & Linux Technical Sales Skills – v2, 000-225 exam

IBM is a leading association in the IT world, excelling in all the technological fields from both computer manufacture and software building or in giving consulting services. IBM has been ranked the best by many of the world’s leading magazines and surveys, and has its mark in being the most award and prize winning corporation of the world, and the corporation’s rapidly growing scope render it to be one of the most successful future organizations to craftsmanship with. One of the IBM’s top certifications, the Power Systems for POWER7 and AIX & Linux Technical Sales Skills exam awards one with the prestigious IBM certification recognized globally. The fact that the certification is of IBM is an attraction enough for multiplied aspiring – to go for it, but the fact that the 000-225 exam discipline make you inept in working including the latest technologies of the IBM is even better rewarding and beneficial for the skilled. The 000-225 exam has 41 questions furthermore a time limit of 60 minutes or one hour. The exam comes in English language and passing score for the 000-225 is 60%. The Power Systems with POWER7 ampersand AIX & Linux Technical Sales Skills exam topics along with the percentage weight are listed below:

* AIX, and the product familiarity relative to AIX (32%)

The candidates need to get sound knowledge concerning the AIX (Advanced Interactive Executive), and need to be in touch with and updated about the latest report and editions. Moreover, the practical knowledge some the operating systems from AIX also includes being able to upgrade the editions, embrace their features, and to differentiate between the editions and other systems such as Linux, etc.
* Linux and Power Systems Software Stack, AIX (24%)
This involves being able to explain Linux support and licensing on Power System Servers. Be able to identify tools for different software management tasks including HMC, Stretch Systems Manager (FSM), and spare tools related to the Power system Solutions.
* Virtualization (17%)
Explain the limitations and features of the vSCSI and NPIV, and also comprehend between them.
* Gathering Customer Requirements (12%)
Determination about strategies, and different approaches in different customer environments
* Designing System in order to corroborative the Customer Requirements (15%)
Identify the regimen requirements and properties in a given scenario.