Most important difference Between Linux and Windows Web Hosting

It is also tough to compare head-to-head of the two; yet, there are some apparent differences that can be considered important to know, so that you find the best affordable web hosting solution for your style of business.

Between Windows and Linux operating systems, Windows is widely used in websites that use applications such as MS Access, MSSQL, FrontPage, Expression Web, Plesk, Windows Streaming Media, Asp. NET and various other Microsoft related technologies. However, if you find these terms strange and new, opt Linux hosting as this is suited for non-tech savvy individuals. The general adaptability including simplicity of Linux is the predominant reason that many web site owners rather Linux, and this does not exclude tech savvy ones, as well.

Rightly said, there is not much gap in the cost, if you prefer a dedicated server plan. The dedicated hosting planned also uses same hardware types and the appraisal remains almost in the same bracket. Referring to shared hosting plan, the Windows server is lavish than its counterpart. This is the reason that Windows OS is expensive as it is owned and developed by Microsoft, while Linux is a cheapness web hosting now it is a free OS. Windows use more revenue mitigating their higher hosting cost.

Another advantage of Linux web hosting is you can move from one provider to another. You can focus on the specifics than merely flowing aft the quality and rig technological hardware required well that the application runs. Linux servers are facile by most website hosting companies.

The main concern in finding a hosting provider is regarding providing you with rapid loading speed of your website, maximum up-time, unlimited bandwidth, good control panel and cheap or affordable price. Though, there are many web hosts offering all these for you, you need to ensure they offer everything and if you are using Windows Server, before switching assure the regenerated company supports Windows OS and your application runs.

Consequently, in case you are planning to build a traditional website, simply opt for the Linux OS. While, on the other hand, if you plan for Windows based applications, then you are left with no picked but for having a Windows server as mandatory.